WEI FTP Download Site

This screen contains a link to and instructions for using the WEI FTP download site. The main purpose of the FTP site is to provide a mechanism to transfer large or executable files that are not easily transferred or may be stripped by email providers. WEI recommends use of the FTP site for file transfers larger than 5 MB.

File Types
Two file types are available for download from the FTP site: Secure and Unsecured.

Unsecured Files
Unsecured files are defined as those available for anyone to download. These include additional marketing materials such as large PowerPoint presentations, high-resolution brochures, etc. The username and password for downloading Unsecured files from the FTP site are "download" and "WEI", respectively.

Secured Files
Secured files are defined as those available for download by persons/companies who have the appropriate permissions. WEI personnel assign the usernames and passwords as needed. If you need to download a Secured file and do not have a username and password, please call 208-359-5353 for assistance.

Download Procedure
The following demonstrates how to download files from the FTP site. The screen shots assume that an Unsecured file, "Test" is being downloaded (the same steps are used to download Secured files).

1. Click the following link to go to the FTP login page. (Although WEI uses reasonable caution to insure that files on the FTP site are free from viruses and other malicious software, WEI cannot insure 100% safety. Therefore, WEI does not assume any responsibility for damage caused by any file downloaded from our FTP site. Download files at your own risk.)


2. Enter your username and password. For this example, we use "download" and "WEI", respectively. NOTE: The username and password are case sensitive.

3. Click the "Login!" button.

4. On the virtual folder screen, click the word "Downloads" in the "Virtual Folder" column (do not click the folder icon).

5. On the downloads screen click the file you want to download. For this example, the "TEST.zip" file was clicked. Once a file has been clicked, the typical windows "File Download" dialogue box will appear as shown below. Click the "Save" button to save to your network or hard drive.

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Last Updated December 2012.